Our core line of business is providing staffing solutions across industry sectors and diverse functional areas. The majority of our associate employees are engaged in Information Technology, sales, Healthcare, logistics and customer service functions. We focus on people, processes and technology to enhance business productivity by enabling our clients to outsource their staffing requirements and allowing them to focus on operating and growing their core businesses.

We are serving clients with full-time employees across India, Israel and Cambodia. We are managed professionally by a high quality management team with deep extensive market and industry expertise, exhibiting thought leadership on matters of public policy.

We intend to expand the breadth of human resource services in order to be a one-stop provider of human resources services from temporary staffing to payroll processing, recruitment, compliance and training services. To achieve this, we have adopted a “match, repair and prepare” strategy that will enable us to match the requirements of our clients with the right human resource, assist in repairing for any skill deficits of our associate employees’ training and prepare people to enter the workforce by equipping them with vocational skills. We believe that our “match, repair and prepare” strategy will enable us to access a better quality workforce, help us expand our service offerings and evolve from a staffing solutions provider to a training and learning based human resource service provider. Furthermore, while we have traditionally been sector agnostic which has resulted in providing temporary staffing solutions for sales, logistics and customer service functions, which are relatively low margin services, we intend to offer higher margin services by providing specialized service offerings in service sectors such as IT, hospitality and healthcare sector. We also intend to strengthen our operations by hiring operations staff to support the growth in new verticals and service offerings.

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