What is VMware?

We can build multiple different operating systems like XP, Win2000, W2k3, Linux, and Solaris etc only on one Server / Desktop. This is called Virtualization.

By learning Vmware you are entering into OS Virtualization world which is fast growing in current market.


What will you get?

  • Increase your earning capacity by multiple times.
  • You can add new Technology to your resume which is hot in the market.
  • Have no competition (Multiple job openings, only few people available)
  • It is Easy to learn.
  • Every System / Network administration should know this technology as this is the future.
  • Lot of companies started implementing this technology and hence huge demand.
  • You can hardly find people who know Vmware Infrastructure
  • VMWARE Course is very much suitable to people who are working as System Administrators, Network Administrators, Desktop L1 & L2 Engineers, and Server L1 & L2 Engineers.



  • System administration experience on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems
  • Experience entering commands at a command-line prompt
  • Experience scripting in Windows Power Shell, VBScript, Perl, UNIX, or other languages featuring variables and control structures


Target Audience:
System administrators, systems engineers, and operators responsible for ESXi/ESX Server and/or vCenter Server. This course is designed for and will benefit IT Administrators, Server and Workstation Migration Teams, Senior Help Desk Staff, and IT Managers who need to know how to build, operate and manage Windows Servers in Virtual Environments using VMware. Thiscourse is also useful for Technical Managers who need to understand the benefits of Virtualization of Windows Servers.  


To learn how to install, configure and maintain VMware Infrastructure 4

Modules we cover:

Module 1. Configuring ESX.

Module 2. ESX Server Installation

Module 3.Installing VMware v Center Server

Module 4. Using VMware v Center Server

Module 5. Standard and Distributed Switches

Module 6: Designing a Network Configuration

Module 6.  i SCSI Data store

Module 7:  VMFS Data stores

Module 8: Creating a Virtual Machine

Module 9: Using templates and clones

Module 7. VMware v Center Converter

Module 8. Modifying a Virtual Machine

Module 9: Managing Virtual Machine

Module 9. Access Control

Module 10.Monitoring Virtual Machine Performance

Module 11. Using Alarms

Module 11. Resource Pools

Module 12. Migrating Virtual Machine

Module 13: VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler Clusters

Module 14: Using VMware High Availability

Module 15: VMware Data Recovery

Module 16: VMware v Center Update Manager

Module 17: Installing ESX (VDC)

Module 18: Installing ESX (DVD)


Course fees: 12,000 + 12.36% Service Tax

Duration: 45 Hrs

We have flexible timings for courses.

We provide weekdays, Evenings & weekend trainings

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