RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer — RHCE)


Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is earned by a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) who has demonstrated the knowledge, skill and ability required of senior system administrators responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.


An RHCE® certification is earned by a Red Hat® Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) who has demonstrated the knowledge, skill, and ability required of a senior system administrator responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux® systems. Professionals holding this certification have continually helped their companies with successful deployments and migrations.


Hiring IT professionals who are certified as RHCEs allows many organizations to increase their ratio of servers to administrators, enabling them to be more cost effective in building out their infrastructures without needing to bring on additional resources.


The full RHCE (RHEL 6) curriculum consists of three courses or modules:

RH124 – Red Hat System Administration I 

RH135 – Red Hat System Administration II

RH255 – Red Hat System Administration III




*  Students who are IT professionals, including Microsoft Windows and network administrators, who need to perform essential Linux Administration tasks including installation, establishing network connectivity, managing physical storage, and basic security administration.

* There are no formal perquisites for this course; however, previous system administration experience on other operating systems will be very beneficial.




¨  Module I


¡  Introduction to UNIX/LINUX


UNIX Operating System Architecture


¡  Users, Groups and Permissions


Examining Permissions


¡  Linux Operating System


¡  Linux Installation


¡  Hard Disk Partition Details


¡  Linux File System


¡  Dual Boot Installation


¡  Desktop Familiarization


Text and GUI Mode


Virtual Terminals


GNOME and KDE Desktop


¡  UNIX Shell


¡  UNIX Commands


¡  Shell Commands


–  File System Management


–  File Management and Viewing


–  Help, Job and Process Management


–  Network Management


–  System Management


–  User Management


–  Printing and Programming


–  Document Preparation


–  Miscellaneous


¡  System Initialization and Services


Boot Sequence, Runlevels & Daemon Processes


¡  User Administration


User Creation/ Suspension & Deletion


Group Administration


Module II


¡  Network Configuration



¡  Task Schedulers



¡  Disk quota management


¡  Backup and Restore


¡  Adding and Removing Software Packages


¡  Setting Printer


¡  System Monitoring


File System Analysis


System Log Files & Analysis


¡  System Troubleshooting


File system Corruption and Recovery


Things to check: The X Window System


Service, Networking & Booting


The Rescue Environment


Recovery Runlevels, Boot Floppies




–  Server setup


–  Client setup


¡  NFS


NFS Server & Client configuration


Autofs implémentations


¡  Samba Server


File & Print Service



¡  Basic Concept of DNS


Implementation of BIND


forward & reverse lookup


DNS Directives


¨  Module III


¡  Apache Web Server


Basic Configuration


Name based Virtual Hosting


Restriction through htaccess


¡  Send mail – Mail Server


Configuring mail service


SMTP Server


ú  POP3 / IMAP Server



¡  Disk management with iSCSI


¡  Linux System as a Router


Setup and configuration


Static Routing


¡  SELinux Configuration


¡  Firewall Using IPTables


Filter and NAT rules



Course Fees: 15000 + 12.36% Service Tax

Duration:   1 Month

Batches: Week days/ Weekends / Corporate Training/ Fast rack Training

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